The legal variant of "Natasha" is "Natalia". The former is my name, and the latter is reserved for paperwork.


University College Utrecht
Campusplein 1
3584 ED Utrecht
The Netherlands


I am a theoretical linguist.

I am currently an Assistant Professor (Universitair Docent; tenured) at Utrecht University, where I am a researcher at the Language, Logic and Information group at the Institute for Language Sciences and teach in the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at the University College Utrecht. Before coming to the Netherlands, I was a postdoctoral researcher in Germany, at the Linguistics Department at the University of Konstanz and at the Collaborative Research Center ``Construction of Meaning'' at the University of Tübingen. And before that, I got my PhD in Lingustics at UCLA.

My pronouns are she/her. I am a vegetarian and I've been commuting by bike since 2010, including in Los Angeles.

My work is bridging formal semantics, formal pragmatics and philosophy of language, with a stong focus on cross-linguistic research in those areas.

My research program is on epistemic commitments and first-person content, as well as everything in between. The specific topics I have worked on include evidentiality, modality, subjective language, attitudes, clausal complementation, parentheticals, speech acts, and non-canonical questions. My research program is described in greater detail here, and most current projects revolve around one of the following issues: (i) the universals and variation in the evidential domain, (ii) the semantics and metasemantics of taste, and (iii) non-canonical interrogatives across Slavic. The full CV is here.

recent and upcoming

  • June 2024. "Today I learned: English 'coming-to-know' predicates". Talk at the workshop "Advances in the semantics of clause-embedding predicates: Theories, cross-linguistic data, and experimentation", University of Konstanz, Germany. (w/ Pranav Anand)
  • May 2024. TBA. Colloquium of the Institute for Linguistics, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
  • April 2024. "To li or not to li". Talk at the workshop "Workshop on Polar Question Meaning[s] Across Languages", ILLC, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. (w/ Masha Esipova) [slides]
  • February 2024. "Today I learned: English 'coming-to-know' predicates". Talk at the workshop "(De-)composition and modification of attitude predicates" at the 46th Annual meeting of the German Lingiustic Society (DGfS), University of Bochum, Germany. (w/ Pranav Anand)
  • January 2024. "To li or not to li: A close look on polar questions in Russian". Inivited talk at S-Circle, UC Santa Cruz. (w/ Masha Esipova)
  • January 2024. "A new outlook on cognitive factives". Invited talk at the Construction of Meaning Workshop, Stanford. (w/ Pranav Anand)
  • November 2023. "To li or not to li". Talk at the Formal Descriptions of Slavic Languages 16, University of Graz, Austria. (w/ Masha Esipova) [slides]
  • October 2023. "Conversational dynamics of razve-questions in Russian". Invited talk at the Discourse and Philosophy Colloquium, ILLC, University of Amsterdam.
  • September 2023. "Expressing evidence". Journal of Pragmatics 218, 1--5. Editorial for the special issue Expressing evidence. (w/ Corien Bary) [paper]
  • February 2023. "Conversational dynamics of razve-questions in Russian", paper in the Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 27. [paper]
  • February 2023. "Vanilla rules: The 'no ice cream' construction in English", paper in the Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 27. (w/ Felix Frühauf, Hadil Karawani, Todor Koev, Doris Penka and Daniel Skibra) [paper]