The legal variant of "Natasha" is "Natalia". The former is my name, and the latter is reserved for paperwork.


Linguistics Department, PO D-191
University of Konstanz
78457 Konstanz


In January 2023 I am starting as an assistant professor at the University College Utrecht, a liberal arts college within the University of Utrecht. Currently I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Linguistics Department at the University of Konstanz, where I first came in 2018.

My pronouns are she/her. I am a vegetarian and I've been commuting by bike since 2010, including in Los Angeles.

My work is bridging formal semantics, formal pragmatics and philosophy of language, with a stong focus on cross-linguistic research in those areas.

My research program is on epistemic commitments and first-person content, as well as everything in between. The specific topics I have worked on include evidentiality, modality, subjective language, attitudes, clausal complementation, parentheticals, speech acts, and non-canonical questions. My research program is described in greater detail here, and most current projects revolve around one of the following issues: (i) the universals and variation in the evidential domain, (ii) the semantics and metasemantics of taste, and (iii) non-canonical interrogatives across Slavic. The full CV is here.

recent and upcoming

  • October 2022. TBA. Talk at the workshop "The acquaintance inference", University of Konstanz. (w/ Pranav Anand)
  • October 2022. Organizing the workshop "The Acquaintance Inference: Linguistic and Philosophical Perspectives", University of Konstanz (w/ Jochen Briesen).
  • October 2022. TBA. Invited talk at the New York Philosophy of Language Workshop, New York City.
  • September 2022. "Conversational dynamics of razve-questions in Russian". Poster presentation at Sinn und Bedeutung 27, Charles University, Prague. [poster]
  • September 2022. "Vanilla rules: The `no ice cream' construction in English". Talk at Sinn und Bedeutung 27, Charles University, Prague. (w/ Felix Frühauf, Hadil Karawani, Todor Koev, Doris Penka and Daniel Skibra)
  • June 2022. "Refining find". Invited talk at the workshop Subjectivity in semantic interpretation at NASSLLI, University of Southern California. (w/ Pranav Anand)
  • June 2022. "Futurity, evidentiality and modality: Cross-disciplinary perspectives". Class at NASSLLI, University of Southern California. (w/ Fabrizio Cariani)
  • May 2022. "Impersonal rules: The case of general prohibitives". Talk at the 46th Generative Grammar in the South (GGS), University of Stuttagart. (w/ Felix Frühauf, Hadil Karawani, Todor Koev, Doris Penka and Daniel Skibra)
  • May 2022. "Hearsay and (non-)commitment". Invited talk at the Meaning in Language Colloquium, University of Düsseldorf.
  • February 2022. "Hearsay and (non-)commitment". Talk at the workshop Commitments in Grammar and Discourse at the 44th Meeting of the German Linguistics Society (DGfS), University of Tübingen.